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  As many of you know, we have been plagued with a rash of recent hacking.   With many years of website building and security experience we find this not so unusual. What is unusual is that the normal cleaning procedures only fixed the issue temporarily.

  We received many suggestions as to how to fix the continued hacking, including moving the site to a SSl server, deleting the database, upgrading to the latest Apache and SQL, using Wordpress and more, all of which have done, but failed.  As we have seen recently, if a hacker wants to hack a site they will find a way. Many sites with unlimited security budget have been hacked recently, including the CIA, US senate, US Pentagon, Sony, Nintendo, Epic, Bethesda, Marathon Oil, Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips, Alliance Data Marketing, Symantec, Northopt/Lockeed, Sedo, CodeMasters, Google, CitiBank, Bioware, Square Enix, Wordpress, RSA Security, L-3 Communications, Epsilon, ADP and the list goes on. This does not include companies that conclude they should not release the information for fear it may damage their reputation.

  For someone to claim they cannot be hacked or to claim 100% security is just plain ignorance. For those that claim "my sites have never been hacked" it is only because you don't have any traffic or pure luck. It seems the only option is to clean up after the fact.

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